Acclaim Life

Eastland Class 1954


Morton Valley, Texas


  Morton Valley is a wonderful place in which to like. But it is a place where today is a very dangerous place of fires. People have to work with welders and repairing gas and water lines and these places make more danger. 

  It is my hope that you are one of the careful ones who places every thing in its place when you have finished using it,

  Be careful for your sake and for the sake of others in the community.


Morton Valley History           

 A history of a small community in Eastland County Texas that was begun by the famous oil boom. The school was in existence from 1921 to 1949.

 The school was begun in the early 1920ís. It was placed on land given for the purpose by Tobe Morton and the Eastland County School Trustee decided the area should be named Morton Valley.  The school was closed at the end of the 1948-1949 school year because of the Gilmer Akin Bill becoming law.  Many small schools had consolidated at different times to make up the student body.  Fisher Hill, Dark Hollow, Shahan, Reagan, Pleasant Grove and Colony were some of the school that were part of the group.